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Get Ready for “Networking Season”

  • Posted by TJ Basalla | 2 min read

With Spring around the corner, you’ll find more and more business fairs, association lunches, farmer’s markets and so much else springing up all over the country. These events, regardless of size, can bring you lots of opportunities to introduce your agency to potential new customers. You can make this Spring “Networking Season” for your agency. Here are some quick tips to get you ready for what’s to come:

Get your elevator pitch locked down

As you attend events, or even if you’re just waiting in line for a coffee, you will have multiple opportunities to showcase your business to a potential customer, even if only for 30 seconds. So prepare by having that 30 second speech down cold. Know your story, your strengths and what you can do for you for the prospect. Our sell sheets and sales training tools can help you focus in on key messages for your pitch.

Get your “web house” in order

Even if you only have 30 seconds with a prospect, you can easily connect them to your web and social media presence to keep the conversation going. If you’re going to send a prospect to your web home, you need to make sure your “house” is in order. Double check all key information, contacts and calls to action on your site. Whether you’re just starting it or looking to enhance it, we can help. Progressive Marketing offers information on discounted vendor programs to optimize your site as well as free videos and social content to market all your offerings.

Get focused and specialize!

Spring is often a time for renewal and new skills. For 2022, consider becoming the go-to agency for your favorite business type (i.e., food trucks, florists). Become an expert on what they do, join their local association if available, advertise and ask for referrals. As you do, try our sell sheets to target that niche.

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Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for Progressive’s Commercial Lines team. T.J. is a former radio broadcaster, but always a fan of good BBQ and great craft beer.