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How You Can Help

  • Posted by Laken Brockmeyer | 2 min read

In times of uncertainty, people are quick to ask how they can help others in need. In moments like this, it’s helpful to have something to focus our energy on that brings hope, keeps morale up, and does some good.

With social distancing measures in place, it’s not as simple as offering a hug or dropping by with a home-baked pie, but there are still ways we can make a difference—check out these ideas below for ways we can help our co-workers and our community:

Donate (online or with limited contact)

  • Donate to causes and organizations you care about through their websites to provide funds for helping people in need in our communities who are impacted by COVID-19.
  • Send well-packaged, non-perishable food/money to food banks (with a no/low contact drop-off). As schools close, families and children who struggle getting enough food in good times may have more difficulty.
  • Help animal shelters by offering supplies (you can even order online to have them delivered) or temporarily foster animals—shelters are prepping for a possible influx of animal intakes.
  • Go to the American Red Cross website for information on how to give blood and avoid being in a line or crowd to donate. You can also make a financial contribution (select or write in “Coronavirus Outbreak”).

Support local businesses

  • Purchase online gift cards to local establishments to show your support. You can use them later and it helps them financially.

Use technology to connect

  • Text, call, or email friends, family, and people in nursing homes who may be isolated due to risk or virus exposure—show them that you’re here and you care.
  • If you have kids, consider having them make a fun video for relatives to keep their spirits up while everyone is practicing social distancing.

Above all, be kind

  • Say thank you and be kind to those who remain open to serve the public if you need to go there (grocers, pharmacies, gas stations, post offices, etc.).
  • Express appreciation to health care workers and doctors’ offices as well as first responders who continue to put themselves at risk to help those in need.
  • Remember that COVID-19 doesn’t distinguish between nationality, race, or geographic origin—we should all continue to be inclusive of others and follow the Golden Rule in our interactions with peers, vendors, and customers.

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