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Boat Protection for Hurricane Season

  • Posted by Donna Silk | < 1 min read

June brings many exciting events like graduations, weddings, summer camps, and vacations, just to name a few. But June 1 is also the official start of hurricane season, which runs from June through November in North America. After a very active 2017 hurricane season, parts of the country are still cleaning up, and some forecasters are already warning that 2018 could be just as devastating.

Predictions for 2018 include 13 named storms, six being hurricanes. Two of those are Category 3 or higher, which are considered major hurricanes.

A named storm contains wind speeds of 39 MPH or higher and can become a hurricane if winds reach 74 MPH. In 2017, the windspeeds of Harvey, Irma, and Maria were 130, 185, and 175 respectively. And experts remind us that it only takes one hurricane to have a catastrophic season.

Remind your boat customers that in addition to keeping their boat as safe as possible before, during, and after a hurricane, it’s important to recognize that the time to get ready for severe weather is now, while the weather and waters are calm.

Share these checklists with your customers so they can help prepare before the storm.

Following these simple checklists can save time and money. Keep in mind that these checklists apply for any serious weather situation and for watercraft on inland lakes as well as open waters.

Planning and preparing for severe weather now will allow boaters to set their course and relax knowing they are ready for whatever mother nature throws their way the rest of the boating season.

Donna has been part of the Progressive family for over 20 years, working in operations, finance and marketing. She also enjoys playing music, boating and spending time with her family.