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Grow Your Business by Selling Small Fleet

  • Posted by Heather Tucker | 2 min read

When someone says “fleet,” what pops to mind? For many, the word fleet conjures up a line of semi tractor trailers. But in the world of small business, a fleet can be made up of a mixture of vehicles—all which look different across business classes.  

What is a Small Fleet? 

Commercial customers who have between 10 power units – any combination of cars, trucks and vans – and 40 vehicles, including trailers, are eligible for Progressive’s Small Fleet program. A power unit is defined as a motorized vehicle licensed for road use. 

In practical terms, this means that a landscaping company that has three cars, five pickup trucks, and two dump trucks has a small fleet. A restaurant that offers catering has two SUVs, a pickup truck, a food truck, and six minivans? They also have a fleet.  

Why quote Small Fleet? 

Competitive rates: With lower rates for stable companies, tenured risks, early shoppers, and more, you can expect competitive rates when you quote Small Fleet with Progressive.* Plus, customers can take advantage of discounts for paying in full, selecting an EFT payment option, or enrolling in our telematics programs.  

Protection your customers need: A wide variety of coverages lets your customer focus on the protection that matters most to them. Plus, the Small Fleet program provides coverage options trucking businesses need including primary and general liability, cargo and refrigeration breakdown, and rental with downtime. 

Broad acceptability: Our small fleet appetite includes multistate risks, a wide variety of vehicles, and over 1,000 business classes. ** 

Quote the country’s #1 commercial auto insurer for more of your small fleet prospects! 

For all of the details on how to quote Progressive Small Fleet, visit the Small Fleet page on FAO.  

*Small Fleet not available in HI.
**Your agency must have a nonresident appointment with Progressive in all states included on a multistate Small Fleet risk.

Heather is a writer for Progressive Commercial Lines. She enjoys the research behind writing and translating it into everyday language. She also loves a great pie.