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Flying Cars?

  • Posted by Daniel Kamionkowski | < 1 min read

One idea commonly featured in science fiction that has not emerged yet is flying cars. Guess what? This idea may become a reality after all. Kitty Hawk, a company with a great historically significant name, is being funded by Larry Page, co-founder of Google. Their prototype, “Cora,” is fully automated and runs on electricity.

My mind goes to how much more difficult traffic management becomes in a world with three degrees of navigational freedom as opposed to the two degrees we have in our current, land-bound transportation system. Talk about blind spots!

Still, after being stuck in traffic yesterday on the Miami portion of I-95, I find the ability to go up and over the congestion has clear appeal, at least until everyone else has that ability and congestion takes over the skies as well.

Read more about Kitty Hawk’s flying cars at

Not mentioned in the article, but a great concern of mine is what we would be doing to our ability to enjoy looking skyward on a clear, blue-sky afternoon. I can’t imagine that the beauty of cloud gazing would ever be the same.

A numbers guy by day and musician by night, Dan also loves spending time with family, cooking and trying to look on the bright side.