“Independent agents continue to thrive” because they provide what their customers want”. That’s just one takeaway from a recent article in Property Casualty 360° entitled “Why independent agents will always matter” by Robert W. Hansen Jr., president of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. (1)

Hanson cites two recent national surveys by “the PIA Partnership ran involving both surveys and focus groups of insurance customers to ascertain their buying preferences. One study looked at commercial lines and the Internet; the other examined buying preferences regarding personal lines. Both found that consumers overwhelmingly preferred doing business with local agents.”

Brand Express, our marketing solution site, has collateral and marketing tools promoting the value of independent agents. Here are some examples of collateral on the site used to promote and increase awareness of your agency.

  • Multiple sizes of print ads emphasize that agents give expert and free quotes; these can be customized and are available in Spanish and English.
  • Value of an Independent Agent postcards, available free in packs of 50 or can be customized at a very low price and mailed for you.
  • Personal Auto brochure and poster to have on hand in your office.

For more information check out Brand Express. To read the entire article click here.