Many agents are asked to sponsor or participate in community events. As the proverb says, “time is money” so make sure you’re making the most of your time outside the office by preparing in advance to participate in an event. Sponsorship or participation can raise your profile and establish a powerful connection within the community your agency services. When asked to sponsor an event, have clarity about the requirements and how you can benefit from that level of involvement.

Strategy and engagement

Define your objective. Events are like most business projects, you can start thinking about the event objective as soon as you decide to participate. The objective lays the foundation to your event preparation. Ask who is attending – local, out-of-towners? What are they attending for? Is it an annual or seasonal event, fundraiser or community activity that promotes a cause? Answers to these questions will help define the objective and lay out a time frame to complete tasks and decide what your expected outcomes would be.

Prep, messaging and connecting

Think about the message you’re going to want to convey. Stock up on marketing materials and prepare your event staff about potential questions they might get. If you are launching a new product or service, make sure everyone is promoting it the same way. It might be helpful to create a Q&A and anticipate questions that might arise.

Thinking beyond the event

Every event is a marketing opportunity and an opportunity can lead to a sale. Events are opportunities to leverage your brand and reinforce the great service you would provide. Use social media to talk about your involvement, create a hashtag and attach it to some pictures throughout the day. Live tweet or Instagram (hint, set up your account in advance if you don’t have one). It’s always nice to collect images for use later on your social channels or the company website or blog.

Look at sponsorship as an opportunity for connection with potential customers and a good way to promote your agency. For other great event marketing tools, visit Brand Express in