Over 75 years, we’ve learned that the needs of independent agents are as diverse as agents themselves--and we’ve grown by meeting the changing needs of more than 35,000 agents and their customers every day.

Start-ups and start-overs. Mom-and-pops. Multi-state shops and multi-generationals.

We built our company as a go-to for under-served segments. Over time, we’ve earned your trust as the number one carrier for a broad range of personal auto risks, as a specialized offering for your RVers, boaters, bikers, and business owners, and more recently, as a destination for your most complex bundled households.

We help you keep your promises by always keeping ours, operating consistently from our Core Values and delivering intuitive technology, claims and service excellence, marketing support for your local brand, and a national name your customers know and trust.

We’re proud to serve independent agents by making insurance a little better every day, and we’re proud to have independent agents like you representing our brand in your community.

Thank you for your business, and thank you for being the local face of Progressive.

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